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    Letter From Design Chair

    We at Vagamon Campus stress on wholesome growth of students without exception. We insist that every student pursue a hobby and participate in extra curricular activities which builds a strong self worth.

    Right from inception, students and faculty are encouraged to discuss and question the fundamentals, be it the purpose or a Project - Contemplate on the use of vernacular medium or modern materials, Question the interdependence in the construction sequence.

    A process based approach is adopted while imparting the Design Education. We encourage Innovation in teaching methodology. We lay stress on interactive sessions, Seminars, and Workshops not only Lectures and Design Studios.

    We have healthy Interactions between industry and the academics to bridge the gap between Design and Deliverance. A realtime approach with hands on experience is what students at DC School of Architecture & Design go through.

    A residential Campus gives students to get to know, spend time with classmates, professors and other academic advisors. It also offers a place to go for ideas and answers to questions that may arise in their academic or life journey.

    A Campus life is social and an academic experience, we advocate a balance in order to maximize success in both areas.

    Letter From Dean

    Every epoch of human life and history has an expression in Architecture. We literally build our civilisations. And always, these buildings and physical structures exceed their immediate material needs and take diverse forms of cultural identity and aesthetics. A deep understanding of the regional and local ethos is the key to find our unique place in a globalising world.

    Architecture education has the twofold objectives; to equip the future architects with skills and resources to achieve quality in design and to impart the values and perspective for a better understanding of society, aesthetics and environment.

    The academic approach in DC School of Architecture and Design is designed to train the students to be skilled professionals and responsible human beings. Instructions in theory, technology, graphics and communication, history, architectural design of building typologies, complexity of urbanity and environment, focus towards the fist goal.

    Social and art projects, guest lectures, talks, events, tours, rural immersion programmes, and nature related activities aim towards making the future architect to meet the society as responsible citizens.

    The team of academicians and operations professionals of DC School of Architecture and Design is continuously on the process of structuring and improving the academic content and its effective delivery. Our course plan reflects the the consistent effort of updating the knowledge base and innovative delivery modes. Our goal towards better design and society is sure to come alive with a sustained response and hard work from our students.