DC Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre:

The Innovation Centre is the hub of next-generation thinking and doing in architecture, design and fine arts teaching, learning and practice. Right from the start, students and faculty at DCSAAD work together to innovate through every aspect of their journey in Campus:

  • Innovation on Building Materials
  • Innovation on Construction Methodology
  • Innovation on Building Technology with Industry Collaboration
  • Innovation on Teaching and Learning Methodologies

The Innovation Centre is CENTRE FOR IDEATION under the leadership of our senior most faculty members that provides the resources for the DCSAAD community to collectively explore the following questions that will shape the future of design:

  • We experiment on the use of vernacular medium or modern materials.
  • We question the interdependence in the construction sequence.
  • We develop innovation in teaching methodology.
  • We form interactions between Industry and Academia, bridging the gap between Design and deliverance.
  • We test alternate materials for construction in the Research Lab of the Centre.
  • We explore unique consortium-based design platforms that artists and architects can collaborate on and replicate globally.