Student Experience

The teaching methodologies and strategies that we design are to enhance the physical and emotional wellbeing of the students to foster various aspects like sense of community, creative development etc.

Career & Professional Development

At DC, we encourage the students to develop in all aspects . The wide network of architects, interior designers , artists etc associated with us both in the field and academics helps the students to widen the horizon of their professional development. Through the delivery of workshops, career advising, alumni mentorship, and experiential education, we strive to provide an environment that nurtures individual curiosity, creativity, and professional practice.


Academic Affairs

At DCSAAD academic affairs are conducted under the umbrella of a systematic planned approach that allows for students and faculty to explore and grow in a structured approach. The main components of this approach include:

- Program review and assessment

We focus not just on evaluation as a mechanism to mark student progress, but also systematic and regular programme review and assessment. Along with student feedback, faculty and peer feedback is built into the evaluation of each and every studio and course offered at DCSAAD.

- Course plan and evaluation

All courses are launched based on the guidelines of MG University, within which individual faculty members and studio teams have the freedom to innovate and explore of teaching content and methodology. All course plans are evaluated and deployed only based on direction of the Academic Council. Evaluation criteria for all courses are transparent and shared with students, and are informed by University Guidelines.

- Research Cell (Academics)

We believe that our faculty members must have the space to develop their own areas of investigation. Faculty is encouraged to conduct research either independently, jointly with peers and even students. Similarly, students are also encouraged to pursue their own lines of inquiry, beyond the mandatory thesis and dissertation.