DCSAAD was home to LATITUDE - a multidisciplinary event that brought together Art, Enterprise, and Creativity. Held on 1st and 2nd October 2019, the event enabled students to interact and learn from masters across many creative arenas. Experts like Usha Ramachandran, P K Sadanandan, Artist Bhattathiri, Rajeev Pulavar, Sanjeev Ithithanam and Francis TK, Anto George, Rajeev from Wind Craft, Alex Chandy, Sunil Lal TR, Sreekanth Cameo, led the students in explorations on puppetry, fine art, bamboo craft, percussion, origami, sculpture, pottery to name a few.

  • The Bamboo Lines by Rajeev Windcraft. (Bamboo is the next most popular due to its availability and flexibility to be incorporated in a huge number of daily utilities. Construction using it helps us gain a good knowledge of joinery. Hence, bamboo is a material everyone has to know about and use in their daily life.)
  • The Origami Folds by Anto George. (Origami originating from Japanese culture, is the art of creating still and live objects by folding a single paper. Art has a great mathematical knowledge rather than being the trivial timepass we believe it is. It also helps in stress relief, a major must have in the present work scenario.)
  • Muziriz : The new landscapes of heritage and cultural tourism by Noushad P M.
    Muziriz is a long lost trade town near to cochin that has a lot of cultural value being an interface to traders from around the world. The Muziriz Heritage Project is a way to boost sustainable development, a way to understand Kerala's rich history and an example of how we can live through history once again.
  • Glazing Pots by Alex Chandy
    Mud being the way we have been made(as said in the bible), it is sacred and to use it to create useful objects gives those articles greater value than just lifeless pieces.
  • ETCH IT by Sunil Lal T R.
    Etching, a method of printmaking, is an art which reveals it's beauty at the last minute of work. Take this arduous journey to that magical climax with one of the best in the field, Sunil Lal T R.
  • Poetry for change by Kareepuzha Sreekumar.
    Let words flow out of feelings you think you can't express. Let this soul guide yours, out of its hardened mess.
  • The Mural Synthesis by P K Sadanandan.
    One of India's biggest cultural aspects is this natural art form that bonds humans and nature to bring together a harmless wonder.
  • The Theater by Prasanth Narayanan.
    There is no greater wish than a chance to live another life. Make that wish come true by living moments of a fiction in the most perfect way.
  • Lights On by Sreekanth Cameo.
    Light is clarity, a sense that strengthens us. It creates another world even when there is nothing else. Let this session light up your hidden insides.