Why a Residential Programme for Architecture and Design

Architecture and Design require the student to always have an open mind to learn and absorb from their surroundings, peers and teachers. A residential programme enhances this opportunity INFINETIELY. DCSAAD’s RESIDENTIAL programmes in architecture and design offer our students unique advantages:

  • Living, studying, working and socializing togther, improves DCSAAD students’ chances to learn from each other and build a spirit of collaboration.
  • Living and working together fosters a feeling of community where all DCSAAD members become a family.
  • Living on campus provides the DCSAAD student the flexibility and opportunity to take advantage of all the various campus activities that are offered to students round the year.
  • Weekends on DC campus are as energetic as weekdays for DCSAAD students with special tours, workshops, club and social activities.
  • DCSAAD students have full-time Resident Faculty Members who live alongside them, to offer their advice, academic mentoring, emotional support, and take care of overall development of the student.
  • Climate is one of nature’s many gifts to DCSAAD. Our students learn to appreciate the beauty and diversity that the hills undergo with each change in climate. The summer, monsoon, and winters – our students are blessed to experience the unique charm of nature in all her glory through all her changing moods.